SINCE 1961.

1Can you help me with my well pump?
Yes! We have helped many customers with above-ground well pumps and submersible pumps. We handle the sales and service of all types of wells.
2Do you provide maintenance for my home's irrigation system?
Yes! Both Sales and service. We stock most any part that you may need, and we provide full service as well.
3Do you ONLY work on electric motors?
NO!!!! We work on all types of pumps! We sell parts, pumps, and we service all types of pumps AND motors.
4Can you repair old motors?
Yes! We can help you diagnose an old motor, and help you get it repaired. Sometimes its more cost-effective to replace the motor altogether, but we can help walk you through that process, and guide you into making the best choice for your application.
5Do you work on Lift Stations?
Yes we do. We handle all types of sales and service of pumps and controls for lift stations.
6Do you actually build lift stations?
Yes, we can provide all of the equipment needed to build, install, and service all sizes of lift stations.
7Are you still in the same building as always?
Yes, we're super easy to find, right where we've been for 2 generations!
14 Center St, St. Augustine, FL 32084
8Do you install or service Water Treatment equipment?
Yes! Both! Sales and service of many types of water treatment options for home and office.
9Do you do anything with generators?
Yes! We handle both sales and service of all sizes of Generators, from small portable generators to whole-house built-in generators, and even larger commercial industrial generators.
10Do you send out items for repair?
No. We handle all of the repair in-house with our well-trained and experienced techs. Stop by and see our shop!