Lift Station Service and Sales

A Lift station needs to work 100% of the time. Down time is not an option. We have many years experience servicing and repairing lift stations of all sizes.

When towns or cities are built at a low elevation, normal systems for wastewater transport and filtration may not be adequate for operation. When sewage tanks and systems are lower than treatment plants, lift stations are utilized to pump sewage and wastewater to a higher elevation. Hiring a lift station specialist is necessary to maintain lift stations to perform at peak levels.

Our lift station maintenance services include: Grease control, Float raising, Removal of grease build-up, Removal of soap accumulation, Clearing of grease, grit, and debris, General cleaning, Inflow/infiltration assessment, Testing of system cycling, Testing of check valves and pressure gauges, and Reading accuracy checks.

St. Augustine Electric Motor Works is a premier provider of wastewater management for local governments, corporations, and neighborhoods. Our lift station technicians are trained to provide the latest in best practices, offering our clients a level of reliability and professionalism they can’t find anywhere else. If you need a professional lift station technician in the St Augustine area, call us today.

We also build lift stations to prepared engineered specifications

Liberty Engineered Pump Systems

Liberty’s newest engineered wastewater and grinder pumps meet the demanding needs of commercial, industrial, and municipal sewage applications where difficult solids-handling ability is crucial. The LEP grinder-series features a superior cutting system made of hardened 440 stainless steel Rockwell C 58, for shearing solids into small particles prior to being passed to the discharge by the impeller under high pressure. Applications include municipalities, commercial buildings, motels, schools, shopping centers, lakefront developments, and systems requiring high-Pressure Sewage Pumping.

Backed by over 35 years of industry experience, our aim is to make it easier and easier to do business with us, while helping to improve your bottom line. We have listened to our customers' concerns about service quality, on-time delivery, and elimination of errors.