Thousands of Fittings and Pieces

St. Augustine Electric Motor Works has pipe, and all types of pipe fittings in stock, ready for your commercial use projects. The stock room at St. Augustine Electric Motor Works rivals most any large shop in the area. Regardless of if you are working on a supply line or a drain line, the parts you need are always in stock.

Need pipe for a well project? In stock. Need parts for a lift station repair? In stock. How about parts for a water treatment system? In Stock.

St. Augustine Electric Motor Works has been providing the most reliable in-stock pipe and fittings for the St. Augustine area for over 60 years! If you have that very hard to find fitting, we can special order for you as well.

Our trained staff are always available to answer almost any of your pump, pipe, and fitting questions. With access to thousands of original OEM parts and an extensive library of repair and operations manuals, we can supply all of the parts needed for most any plumbing project.