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Liberty offers Engineered Pump Systems (EPS) in various configurations. From simplex, duplex, triplex and quadplex grinders and solids handling systems, we can provide the specific pump system to meet your job requirements.

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Liberty Pumps is a family and employee-owned company that has been innovating pump designs for over 50 years. The company has received recognition for its growth and is now expanding its line of US-manufactured pumps for commercial, municipal, and industrial wastewater markets. The pumps are designed, built, and backed by the same employee owners, emphasizing innovation, quality components, and efficiency.


Innovative Pump Designs

Features include potted epoxy cord entrance, Class H inverter duty insulation, VFD compatible designs, NEMA® IE3 Premium Efficiency motor construction, and durable powder coat finish

-The pumps also offer enhanced motor cooling, multiple seal material options, and a robust bearing system for minimum 100,000 hr B10 bearing life

-Different pump designs such as Vortex, Monovane, and Enclosed 2 Vane are available, each with specific specifications for flow rates and total head


Quality Components and Operating Ranges

- The pumps feature innovative designs such as ClearNotch™ Technology, dual seal product features, and efficient MidTherm™ cooling, providing reliable and robust performance with less jamming

-The range of pumps includes models with varying capacities, from 3 hp thru 10 hp (2.2 kW thru 7.5 kW), with specific features tailored for different applications

- The pumps are engineered with a high level of operating efficiency and NEMA® IE3 Premium Efficiency motor construction, offering lower operating and maintenance costs over the long term


Pump Series and Specifications

The 3LV and 3XLM Series offer 3” solids handling, ClearNotch™ technology to reduce jamming, VFD compatible design, and NEMA® IE3 Premium Efficiency motor construction.

-The GR3/GR4-Series guide rails are designed for specific pump models, featuring durable nitrile sealing grommet, powder coating for corrosion resistance, and options for hazardous locations. The 2LE-Series and 3LEV-Series pumps offer specific features such as V-Slice® Cutter Technology, stainless steel impeller and cutter system, and quick-connect power cord options


 High Head and High Volume Pump Series

The XLGH/LGH-Series High Head and XLGV/LGV-Series High Volume pumps are available in high-volume or high-head models, with options for ordinary or hazardous locations. These pumps feature dual seal design with seal fail sensor, efficient cooling, VFD compatible design, and NEMA® IE3 Premium Efficiency motor construction

-The Omnivore® Series grinders are designed with patented V-Slice® Cutter Technology and are available in models ranging from 2 hp to 15 hp, providing improved shredding performance


- Control Panels and Complete Systems

Liberty Pumps offers a wide array of control panels, including fiberglass or stainless steel enclosures, with options for ordinary and hazardous locations. The panels come with standard features such as H-O-A switches, inner panel door, elapsed time meters, and are customizable to specific application needs

-The company also provides complete custom systems designed for specific applications, offering almost unlimited choices in basin and control panel options.


Capacities, Specifications, and Options

The pumps and systems are available in a range of capacities, from 1.5 hp to 15 hp, with specific flow rates and total head specifications.

Options for ordinary and hazardous locations, as well as specific features like adjustable overloads, thermal overloads, and alarm beacons, are available in the control panels and complete systems

Custom Fabrication and Support

Liberty Pumps offers complete custom systems with fabrication of system internals, ensuring factory set and ready to install solutions. The company provides support for specific needs, including a wide range of options and custom builds for control panels and complete systems Liberty Pumps also offers a wide range of support and services, including technical assistance and product specifications.

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